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Know Your Rights from a Labor Lawyer

It doesn’t matter whether one is employed in Canada or in other part of the world; employees have the right to enjoy some basic rights at their workplace. Just like the employees, employers can also enjoy certain rights. For instance, if an employer finds any employee to be dishonest, the employer can fire him by giving a notice period. Thus, labour lawyer can help both employees and employers to learn their respective rights.

Basic Employee Rights in the Workplace

  • Avoid Discrimination

Employees enjoy the right to be treated fairly at their workplace. They should not face any kind of discrimination. In case, an employee is discriminated solely based on the basis of gender, race, sex, or religion; one can easily seek protection against it. Hence, one should be treated fairly at work.

  • Safe Work Environment

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, employees should be provided with a sage and health work environment. If the surrounding area is not clean, it can be a great health hazard for the employees. Hence, employees can complain about the unhealthy working environment.

  • Join Trade Union

According to labour lawyer, employers can’t prohibit any employee to be a part of a trade union. An employee has the right to join any trade union they feel like.

  • Proper Training

Employees should be trained to deal with workplace hazards. Only then they can keep themselves protected.

  • Getting Properly Paid

Employees should be properly paid for their work. They should receive a minimum wage of $ 12.65. Even if they are getting a higher pay, the amount they receive per day should be properly mentioned.

  • Public Holidays

On public holidays, employees should get a day off. However, they must be paid public holiday pay. However, labour lawyer mention that if any worker works on that day they should be paid double, i.e. their regular rate for working plus the public holiday pay.

  • Vacation Time Pay

Employees can enjoy at least 2 weeks of vacation after every 12 months. Usually, employees are supposed to get 4% of their total wages as vacation pay.

  • Overtime

While employees need to work for 8hours in a day and 40 hours in a week, in case of any overtime, employees must be paid after 44 hours of work each week. The overtime payment must be 1½ time the regular pay.

Employer Rights at Workplace

Employers can also enjoy certain rights. They are:

  • Labour lawyer states that employers can take employee to court if they leave the job without service the notice period or informing the employer.
  • Employes can ensure the working condition for the employee is very safe. They can take steps to make the place safe.
  • Employers have the right to terminate employees by giving a notice period or by not giving a notice period. In case, they don’t give a notice time, they would be required to pay money.

Once an employer or an employee knows their basic rights from the Labour lawyer, a good relationship can be established between them. Thus, labor attorneys can ensure a great workplace culture is maintained.